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The Rehabilitation Engineering Laboratory is strongly committed to supporting undergraduate and graduate education in the Health Sciences and Technology, and Mechanical Engineering curricula.

We offer student projects and courses that educate students in the fundamentals of Robotics, Interaction Control, Rehabilitation Engineering and Biomechatronics, as well as scientific writing.

The lab offers and contributes to the following courses:

Courses Fall Semester (HS) 2015

Number Unit Lecturer
151-0061-10L Engineering Tool IV/V: Scientific Writing with LaTeX and Vector Graphics  R. Gassert
151-0138-00L Focused Study: Selected Topics in Research and Application in Mechatronics  B. Nelson
151-0623-00L ETH Zurich Distinguished Seminar in Robotics, Systems and Controls  B. Nelson,
J. Buchli,
R. Gassert,
W. Karlen,
R. Riener,
R. Y. Siegwart
376-1219-00L Rehabilitation Engineering II: Rehabilitation of Sensory and Vegetative Functions  R. Riener,
R. Gassert,
L. Marchal Crespo
376-1504-00L Physical Human Robot Interaction (pHRI)  R. Gassert,
O. Lambercy,
R. Riener

Courses Spring Semester (FS) 2015

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